BetterLocation is very cool helper for converting various inputs into your favorite services as Google, Waze, Sygic and much more.

Key features


Main focus is to have powerful tool in Telegram, as you can see on the screenshot below.

Example screenshot from Telegram bot @BetterLocationBot
Example screenshot from Telegram bot @BetterLocationBot


Website has some features too!

Any location on Earth can be represented as coordinates in WGS 84 (wiki). For example center of Prague in Czechia is located at 50.087451,14.420671, so URL is simply,14.420671 so to get some info about particular location, just open that link.


Very simple API is also available by adding ?format=json to the url, eg:,14.420671?format=json


Although this is hobby project, some parts (bot, website, API) are already helping people and organizations around the world.
Anything can change at any time without warning, but I'm doing my best I can to not break anything and keep it running as smooth as possible. But just in case, if you want rocks-steady support, new feature or just ask for something, don't hesitate and contact me.

More links to study: